Forza Football

Live scores and push notifications, opinion polls and video highlights for more than 420 football leagues and cups around the world.

As well as being a live score app known and loved internationally, Forza Football is simultaneously changing the face of football by liberating and sharing the collective opinion of fans from all over the world.


Forza 90

Strengthening the voice of the fans, and making football more interactive than ever, Forza 90’ enables users to share their reactions to events in matches as they happen, minute by minute. Users can rate players’ performances throughout games by awarding virtual badges.


About us

Forza Football is designed to solve one of football’s most fundamental problems – that when trying to get a sense of fan opinion, pundits and decision-makers have to rely on isolated, anecdotal comments from social media that can never be truly representative.

Forza Football’s innovative features offer fans increased engagement with the game, by giving users the opportunity to vote on fundamental match-related questions, such as: ‘Do you have confidence in Man Utd’s manager?’ ‘Do you have confidence in Man Utd’s chairman?’; and ‘Do you have faith in the current squad?’

Users of the Forza Football app are able to select their favoured response and, to ensure that the decision of each fan is independently made, the cumulative results of the live poll are displayed only after a vote has been cast. Revolutionizing the relationship between fans and the game that they love, now the opinions of fans can be collated and viewed as one, no longer being concluded unscientifically from Twitter or based upon a pundit’s intuition.

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